Terms And Conditions

1 Returning an item

When returning an item you simply follow the instructions given on the despatch note which will be attached to the parcel. Within the form you will need to give a valid reason why you are returning the product(s). Refunds made online will be in British Pounds. Any international payments via a different currency will also be in British Pounds at our current exchange rate. It is important to remember that if you are returning an item paid by credit or debit card we will credit the amount back onto your card account.

Please Note that returns must follow the following guidelines:
  • Must be returned within 14 days of purchase.
  • Must be in its original packaging.
  • For hygienic perposes we cannot accept your return if you have used product on your skin.
  • In the event you may have two boxes of Smooth Again We can only offer returns on the unopend box

You will need to Apply for a Return and if application was successful, we will send you a return address.

2 Complaints

When making a complaint you can send an email to our support - Get Support. Any complaints will be answered to within 1 working day and we always ensure our customers receive the correct support.

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