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  • How do I make a return?

    Please Note: Due to hygienic reasons, if you have unpacked the box and used the micro crystal pads we cannot accept your return. By using this site or purchasing smooth again you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions

  • How do I make Smooth Again work effectively?
    Always Read Instruction Guides

    Unpack Smooth Again and depending on the area you are targeting you may want to choose the correct size pad. Always apply Smoothagain to skin with Minimal pressure. Using a gentle and circular motion. Rotate clock-wise 4 times and then anti-clock-wise 4 times. Repeat this pattern until unwanted hair is removed. Continue on all areas to exfoliate and remove unwanted hair. After treatment, your skin make look a little white, which is a good sign that the exfoliating process was successful and is now ready to be moisturised.

    For Your Safety Do no use on damaged skin. If you have any questions whether this product is suitable for your skin, please consult your dermatologist before use.